Level 1 Club Official

This course is specifically targeted at the official who desires to assist in the conduct of club racing and includes all of the basics into officiating at a BMX track. The course requires candidates to read an online manual and complete an online quiz. The quiz is all inclusive, it acts as your membership form (if you are not already a member) and qualifies the individual to be an official.
Course Pre-Requisites
Participants must:
  • Be at least 16 years of age upon application to be eligible for accreditation, and
  • Hold a current BMXA membership (a minimum of Volunteer membership - click here if you are not a current member).
To complete your accreditation

It will be necessary for you to have read the Officials Manual and  successfully complete the online quiz. Should you wish to complete the quiz offline, please contact the BMX Australia office to arrange a copy to be sent to you. Each Official must agree to the Officials Code of Behaviour and adhere to the State legislation for working with children in the state which they will be working.

Once attained, your accreditation will be valid for four years. To maintain your accreditation during this period you will be required to:
  • Officiate at a minimum of five club events per annum
  • Complete a questionnaire annually to confirm you are aware of any changes to the rules, if required
  • Maintain current BMXA membership by submitting an updated volunteer form annually 

>> Manual   (PDF file requires Adobe Acrobat Reader, click here to install Acrobat)


To retain accreditation an official is required to officiate at a minimum of five club and/ or open events per year. If an official is unable to achieve the minimum activity levels each year they will be required to undertake the training program again to reaccredit. 

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